This module will allow guides to register as an official guide, tour guide, or tourism instructor of JSC «НК» «Kazakh Tourism» and display their profile on the national tourism portal. The module also allows the guide to undergo training, confirm their competence and gain access to the knowledge base absolutely free. Tour operators and users will be able to find an up-to-date register of guides, tour guides and tourism instructors on Kazakhstan.travel, as well as verify official guides by scanning the QR code.
How it works
Create your personal profile on the portal Kazakhstan.travel
Complete training, testing and receive a notification about the beginning of the guide's activity, for inclusion in the official register.
Get a personal badge with a QR code, which is necessary for the guide to work and receive privileges.
Accept applications from tourists and tour operators through the mobile application and portal kazakhstan.travel.
Get a guide certificate and a QR code required for the guide to work and receive privileges.